Watch Online The Ghost Doctor Episode 6

Watch Online The Ghost Doctor Episode 6

Cha Young Min is a genius doctor, with excelling skills at surgery, but he is arrogant and selfish. One day, he gets involved in an unexpected case, and due to this, his spirit possesses another doctor’s body, namely Seong Tak. These two doctors are complete opposites, with opposite personalities and medical abilities.

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“Ghost Doctor” is a comedy-drama about two doctors with opposite personalities sharing one body when one doctor’s soul enters the other’s body.

The leads in the drama are Rain, Kim Bum (Kim Beom), Uee (Uie), and Apink’s NaEun.

Solo artist, Rain has played many major roles in the dramas “Welcome 2 Life”, “Sketch”, “Diamond Lover (Special Cut)”, and “Please Come Back Mister.”

Actor, Kim Bum has starred in the dramas “Law School”, “Tale of The Nine Tailed”, “Mrs. Cop 2”, and “Hidden Identity.”

Actress, Uee has acted in the dramas “My One And Only”, “My Husband Oh Jak Doo”, “Manhole”, and “Night Life.”

Apink member and YG actress, NaEun has most recently appeared in the dramas “Lost”, “Dinner Mate”, and “The Most Beautiful Goodbye.”

The drama will showcase the beautiful chemistry of characters with irreplaceable charm.

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“Ghost Doctor” (2022 Drama): Cast & Summary

Watch Online The Ghost Doctor Episode 6

While Young Min is arrogant and cold-blooded, who only cares about his career, and doesn’t care about any of his patient’s personal stories, Seong Tak is the luckiest and richest resident doctor whose grandfather is the founder of Myung-shin hospital and mother is the chairman of the hospital. Never wanting to be a good doctor, he becomes processed by the two ghost doctors with completely different backgrounds.

Kim Bum as Ko SeungTak

 A future surgeon who grew up with a “golden spoon”. His grandfather is the founder of a hospital and his mother is the chairman of a foundation. Ko SeungTak is a ruthless new resident who went to medical school for thoracic surgery, according to his grandfather’s succession requirements.

He has no sense of calling or mission as a doctor, but he came to the greatest turning point in his life when he fatefully accepted the ghost of Cha YoungMin.

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