1. Cryptominator

Mining every 4 hours for $ 10. dollarsOne of the great things about StormGain, and what attracted me to using this platform, was the installed Crypto Miner. The mining option allows you to earn your first 10 USDT (equivalent to $ 10) and trade it without any investment.You will need to select Miner from the main menu. You can then activate the extraction process by clicking the Activate button. You will do this every four hours, but please note that since you are mining Bitcoin, the balance you mine may fluctuate depending on the price of Bitcoin.Exactly how to make money with bonus moneyThere is an obstacle: if you want to get your 10 USDT bonus in real money, you can get your profit back only after using the cash bonus in trading.For example, let’s say you have mined 10 USDT or more and now you can withdraw money to your USDT bonus wallet. By clicking the unsubscribe button, you can now trade currency pairs such as BTC / USDT.Profits are immediately available in your USDT wallet and can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies.Remember that you can save all your profits without investing and you can’t get less than 10 USDT when the miner is active!

2. Reference system

Return 3 USDT

I found out about StormGain from a friend who told me about the platform and wanted to join him because he was going to get a one-time bonus of 3 USDT. I like the idea that referrals get something that motivates a person to use the platform.I received my bonus and paid $ 3. dollars 10 am. continued to mine until it rose to $ 1 billion.15% of inquiries are refundedAccording to a statement on the Cryptominer page, he was going to get 15 percent of everything I downloaded from Cryptominer.My friend confirmed that I received 15% of my income. The more people you invite, the more money you can make.

3. Trade options

Lever up to 300 times

At StormGain, you can trade like any other trading platform and use leverage. Choosing a leverage of up to 300 means that even if you only have $ 1 in theory, you can trade for $ 300 and make a profit of $ 300 instead of $ 1.On the other hand, if you lose a trade, you will lose more. Leverage is like a loan taken from a platform and traded on it.How to make money tradingIf you are careful and trade only when you are trying to pump cryptocurrency, you can make a lot of money. The strategy to use is mainly to buy at a low price and close the position at a high price.You can use the platform’s Cryptoning option to use the money you earn from mining. This way, even if you lose, you will not lose money from your pocket, but you will lose the bonus money you received from StormGain.Remember that you can invest out of pocket if you want to trade more! It will also open some features. Remember that before you do this, you should not invest more than you lose.

What can you do to make a profit?

From the main menu, you can select Exchange instead of trading and see the page for trading between different cryptocurrencies. Once you have entered the amount, you will see the amount to be received as a second currency and the fees downloaded from the platform. These fees are very low. You have a wallet for every cryptocurrency, just like on other exchange platforms.

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