Hepatitis A, B, C, D E


Hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver caused by a number of infectious viruses and non-infectious agents that can cause a number of health problems, some of which can be fatal. There are five main types of hepatitis virus, called A, B, C, D and E. Although they all cause liver disease, they differ in important ways including transmission methods,

hepatitis B C D E

 severity of disease, geographical distribution and prevention. Methods Types B and C, in particular, cause chronic disease in millions of people and together are the most common cause of death from liver cirrhosis, liver cancer and viral hepatitis. An estimated 354 million people worldwide live with hepatitis B or C, and for the most part, testing and treatment are out of reach.

 hepatitis virus

Some types of hepatitis can be prevented by vaccination. According to a WHO study, 4.5 million premature deaths in low- and middle-income countries could be prevented by 2030 through vaccinations, diagnostic tests, medication and educational campaigns. The WHO Global Hepatitis Strategy, endorsed by all WHO member states, aims to reduce new hepatitis infections by 90% and deaths by 65% ​​between 2016 and 2030.

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