5 Reasons Maintaining a Skin-Care

1. Focusing on something that is good for you stops the anxiety.

You may find that at certain times of the day it can cause disturbing thoughts, but taking care of yourself can break down negative thoughts. “Patients with anxiety and depression often report that their condition worsens within 30 minutes to an hour before going to bed. More and more people are getting anxious because of more free time,” Traube said. (This applies to any activity that keeps you busy, such as doing a new project, cooking dinner, or walking your dog around.)

2. Taking care of your skin also provides an opportunity for awareness

. Satipatthana means not paying attention to the feelings you are currently experiencing (for example, the comfort of hot water). According to a study published in March 2019 by Frontiers in Psychology in psychology, more than 1,100 adults reported that this practice mediated depression and anxiety by stopping eating and drinking. “Participating in this activity for a few minutes can help keep your brain healthy and free from snail thinking,” Traube said.

Establish a regular program that includes a good feeling and products that you enjoy. for example, Do not underestimate the effect of gently massaging the skin with a cleansing cloth. Do not underestimate the effect of applying a mild moisturizer or mask on your face. Melanie Moreno, head of beauty at Mario Tricoci in Chicago, says: “Taking care of my skin while doing quarantine can definitely give me what to look forward to. It’s important for me to have some light at home.

Many people are now experimenting with home masks and peels, including Joyce Davis, a dermatologist in New York City; MD recommends wearing a mask if you want to treat more intense skin. “Masks are now safer,” he said. “Peeling is more likely to cause skin reactions and you can not rely on seeing a dermatologist right away to get rid of the problem.” In general, Masks temporarily tighten your skin to give it a softer, more youthful look.  

3. Regular application of your skin stimulates the chemicals in your brain.

While the experience of applying a face mask or treatment at home may be comforting, planning it can bring you a lot of satisfaction. “Expecting happy events produces good nerves in the brain,” says Traube. According to a study published in the January 2018 issue of Frontiers in Psychology, the anticipation of positive events has been shown to activate specific areas of the prefrontal cortex, the brain area associated with feelings of health. Naturally a little high for a simple thing. This is one of the reasons why you should take a natural bath. The first is to expect you to feel light when you wake up, and the second is to warm your muscles naturally. “Physical relaxation reduces the risk of a fight or flight stress by sending a message to your brain that a time of calm and serenity has arrived,” Traube said. Dr. Davis recommends adding oatmeal to your bathroom. Hnin Khu Look for colloidal oatmeal packs that can relieve itchy skin from psoriasis and often dry skin. I told him to sit for 10 minutes

.4. Skin Care gives you the opportunity to be with your loved one – and it is good for your mental health.

Moreno and her co-workers are doing something according to their cover routine. In general, According to a study published in the May 2018 issue of the journal Psychological Science, spending time with a loved one pursuing hobbies and hobbies is associated with higher levels of happiness. At a time when you are too close to finding comfort with other members of your household, Together you can create meaningful moments that will strengthen your personal satisfaction and family bond.

Dr. Ilyas has seen this game in her life. “One of the main steps for me recently in this process was to share this routine with my teenagers. “At the moment, I find that having less direct social contact and spending more time with my children is more effective in implementing a balance of physical and mental well-being, which is the ultimate goal of self-care.”

You can make this a fun experience for everyone. No need to buy a new product. Instead, focus on those who already have a home of your choice. Or Coconut oil You can find skin-friendly ingredients for your DIY masks, such as avocado or milk, and turn it into a fun combination.

5. Taking care of your skin is a kind act that sends a strong message.

The world is under a lot of pressure right now. So it is tempting to watch TV in the dark of night and lie face down on the bed without spraying water – you are so tired. But what if you focused on taking care of yourself this way? By spending five minutes more time treating your skin, Traube sends you a message: “I deserve it.” This is rubbing on a morning mascara. It has the same benefits as applying moisturizing cream to your cheeks or brightening your complexion.

Perhaps one of the more effective steps is to find the moisturizer you really like. (Some things to think about: Does it feel like it gets on your skin, does it smell bad, or does your skin look better?)

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