The latest ways to keep connected with Technology

 With new technologies born like memes, it’s hard to know where to put your time, money and energy. What’s here to stay and more importantly, what will help you get your next job or promotion?Here’s where Udemy can help you. This wide market for online video courses from experts is a great way to see what’s happening or moving so you can keep your skills up to date.Here are seven new tech topics you should consider to enhance your skills or refresh your memory. While everyone else is busy shopping for gifts, you can take advantage of this holiday season and come in 2019 much better prepared than last

Augmented Reality

On-demand courses  $ 9.99 are an effective way to gauge your interest and explore one or three new topicsAlthough artificial intelligence (AI) was first established as an academic discipline in the 1950s, it is really gaining traction. If you think you are helping to shape the future of all human beings, then artificial intelligence is where you can make a difference. And according to Of course, there is definitely a demand for talent and money to pay for it.One approach to AI, called machine learning, specializes in helping computers learn from data, identify patterns, and make decisions without the need for stable coding. It covers everything from self-driving cars and content recommendations to healthcare and the

Deep learning

In-depth learning is a tool that uses things like cloud networks, self-organizing maps, and connected autoencoders to implement machine learning. With the speed of hardware reaching new heights and collecting more data than ever before, in-depth learning is a top priority for tech giants like Google and Facebook, and anyone who wants to exploit

Alexa Development Ever wanted to make your Echo more powerful or just the personal concierge you deserve? You can learn how to create your own Alexa Skills for professional or personal


While you might think that robots do the magic in manufacturing, modern robots have a wide variety of uses, including medical and surgical applications, personal assistants, security , warehouse, logistics, and space or ocean survey. Come on, make Jacques Cousteau jealous.


Because of their volatility, they get a lot of media attention, but cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin can be a great skill for learning what economics and technology are all about. Learn the basics, investment strategies, and how to see the next big cryptocurrency. Spending some time well here can set you up to do exactly what you want them to do.

Mobile development

Like everyone else, you may be spending a good portion of your day on a mobile device, and that will never change anytime soon. But instead of just eating, you can be a creator, be it iOS or Android. No experience required to get started.1 billion AR users are expected by 2020, so now is the time to apply your skills in this area and be part of creating a richer experience for all person. AR helps consumers see furniture in their home before buying, try different outfits or make-up, or help surgeons use and plan surgery before making the first incision .Our biggest sale of the year is happening right now. Give the course to your friends and family this holiday season for just $ 9.99.

 Artificial Intelligence

Udemy is a global online learning center with over 24 million students enrolled in a large library of 80,000 courses taught by experienced instructors in over 50 different languages. Whether it’s learning for professional development or personal wealth, students can learn new skills through on-demand self-paced courses, while educators have the opportunity to share their knowledge with the student. world.

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