1. ProRAW camera setup

If you want to shoot later, turn on the Raw Camera setting. Go to your camera settings և dimmer և turn on Apple ProRAW in photography.This means you can customize your images without sacrificing quality. Do you know how the increase in brightness in ancient times had a negative effect on the quality of the picture? Those days are

2. MagSafe Charge:

iPhone 12 Pro Max, of course, is compatible with wireless charging. But have you tried the new MagSafe charger?These chargers are magnetically attached to the back of the phone, so you can charge them just by pressing. (Note: If you get one of these, be sure to get the MagSafe phone case as they are not all compatible.)

3. Click Back

This feature allows you to double-tap the phone հատված screenshots, open Spotify, and more. Allows you to connect. This allows you to connect to a specific command, for example, to be supercharged և to have your favorite application or shortcut in Speed ​​Dial.To do this, go to Settings, then Accessibility, then tap. There you will see the option to tap back. You can even add commands with a triple

4. Icon for using the camera և microphone

This is a great feature for those interested in privacy and security. It used to be known that applications were available on our phone cameras and microphones without our knowledge, but not now.When your camera is in use, there will be a green dot on the top right of your screen. If you see this point clearly, when you do not open it և do not use the camera, you will know that something suspicious is happening.When the microphone is used, there will be an orange dot.If applications are accessing you without your permission, get rid of them.

5. Optional Face ID

Tired of throwing away your password when your kids want to use your phone because Face ID does not allow them to log in? You can now identify them և your own phone to unlock your phone.You can use it for your spouse, best friend or if you have trouble recognizing your beardless phone և without a

6. Change your default browser

Not a Safari fan? No problem. You can change your default browser in your settings with your favorite Chrome browser. Just go to Settings, click on Chrome, then go to Default Browser. Easy!

7. Reading methods

If the web page is hard to read, Safari is with you. Switch to reading mode by clicking the “AA” icon next to the URL in the browser’s app, removing all annoying ads և dimmers that may make crawling web pages difficult.Then you can continue և holding down the “AA” icon, changing the page to dark mode, gray scale or sepia, depending on which works best for your

As a result

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is, in fact, the most customized iPhone. If you have upgraded any of these, take a moment to check out all the great features and make it truly yours.

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