1 – Stop tracking apps

Many apps want to track different patterns and usage information when you use their apps. In most cases, they may serve you more relevant ads or tell people how to use them to help improve the software. However, there are good reasons to block all surveillance, especially if the company has a reputation for not respecting your privacy rights.If you want to block apps tracking, open Settings> Privacy and click the Tracking button. On the right is the “Allow Applications to Request Tracking” button. If you don’t want to hear any app tracking information, turn it off. Alternatively, you can enable or disable tracking manually for the applications listed below.

2 – See which apps have access to what data

A similar note is just a quick tip: go to Settings> Privacy screen and click the “Record app activity” button. Turn it on and wait a week. Go back to the menu selection in a few days and you’ll see a brief description of how the various apps use permissions on your phone, and see if any of them regularly looks for or accesses other personal information. . You can choose to save, share and save the report as an empty binary file.

3 – Return the old safari

In iOS 15, we have a new Safari with a search bar and a tab switch at the bottom. It’s very easy to use with one hand and allows you to easily switch between tabs. However, if you want to return to the old order – using the URL bar above – you can return.There are two ways to do this. Or go to Settings> Safari and scroll down until you see two shortcuts. Now select “Single Tab”. When you restart Safari, there is a line on it.Another quick way to navigate is to open Safari automatically, open the desired web page and click on the “AA” icon in the search bar. You should now see the pop-up menu. Click on the “Show address bar” option.

4 – Gather unnecessary notifications

iOS 15 has a “scheduled summary” feature that lets you combine all the unwanted notifications at once, rather than getting enough random pings during the day.To turn it on, go to Settings> Notifications and tap the Schedule Summary. Now turn it on and go through the setup process. Now select the applications you want to include in your summary and click the “Add Application” button below.On the next screen – select the time you want the first and second resolutions to appear. You can click on the “+” sign to enter interval resolutions throughout the day. So, if you want, anyone can appear at breakfast, lunch and dinner. After selecting them, click on the “Enable Notification Summary” option below.Until your chosen decision appears, you will only be notified by direct messages or apps that are not included in your selection.

5 – Post notifications on AirPods

If you have a pair of AirPods Pro, Siri can post notifications in your ear and when you connect to an iPhone. To turn it on, go to Settings> Password and Search, tap “Publish Notifications” and turn on the option at the top of the page. Also turn on the “Headphones” button.

6 – Turn off HDR video

By default, iPhone 13 Pro’s newer models record video in HDR or Dolby Vision format, which takes up a lot of space and is incompatible with many other devices. To turn it off, go to Settings> Camera and click the “Record Video” button. Turn off the “HDR Video” option.

7 – Accessibility

Previously, when having iPhone buttons, you could scroll through the screen to make things easier by double clicking on the Home button. You can do this on new phones without buttons, but you have to enable it first.Go to Settings> Special Options and tap. Turn on the melt option. Now if you swipe down from the bottom of the screen, things will be easier to reach by dropping things off the top of the screen.

8 – DB behind the screenshot

p Double-tap the text field, and then tap the small icon that looks like text in the box. Now it will open the camera view and start scanning the text and then display the camera in the field as you show it.To be more precise, tap the little capture icon in the corner to quickly pin the text you want. You can now highlight a specific block of text you want to add by dragging your finger over the text you want.Another way to do this is to open the camera app and make sure you’re in photo mode. Now hover over the desired text or tap to manually focus the text and tap the text icon directly in the corner. This will scan the text and you can now highlight the text in the popup image to share with someone. Copy and paste wherever you want.

10 – Live text in screenshot

There is another way to use live text. With screenshots. Take a screenshot and tap on it to open the editor view. Tap the marker/pencil icon at the top and now tap the text icon directly in the bottom corner. Now you can drag the text you want to copy, paste it into any app you want and highlight it.caryii.online

11 – Focus mode

It can have focus mode, in-depth feature and video. But in short, if you go to Settings > Focus, you can create certain situations where only certain apps and people can interrupt you at certain times or places.You can set one mode for individual mode and the other for operating mode. The process may take some time to complete, but it basically just involves adding private contacts who can contact you and choose which apps are allowed. It’s really simple.Once installed, you can schedule when to launch. Whether based on time, date or location. You can also customize the home screen that appears at each focusing time.

12 – Limit screen frame rate

By default, the display of the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max is set to a maximum refresh rate of 120Hz. For some reason – if you really want to limit what you can do, but can’t find it in the display settings. Go to Settings > Accessibility > Motion. Now turn on “limit framerate” and it will not go to 60fps.caryii.online

13 – Create your own photo style

Another camera feature in the new iPhone models is photo styles. Unlike a simple filter, it adjusts things like temperature, brightness, and contrast to create an aesthetic that will apply to all of your photos when you take them. Open Settings > Camera and go to “Photo Style”. Scroll through the options until you find the look you like. Once you find it, tap the blue tap at the bottom.


14 – Photos Change the music in your memories

In the new Photos app, Apple automatically pastes the backup into the photo and video memories created for you in the “For You” tab. But you can change this. Open the photo and tap “For You” and select one of the memories at the top.Once it opens, tap on it again and tap on the little music icon in the corner. Now you can swipe and it changes filters and music just like you. Or you can tap the musical note icon in the bottom right to see a wide range of options, with a search button that, when pressed, lets you scroll through your entire library for a particular song.caryii.online

15 – Trackpad keyboard

Last but not least. An old, old favorite, but a must. If you want to move your cursor exactly as you type, you can turn your keyboard into a trackpad by pressing the spacebar and then sliding your thumb. Now move the cursor to where you want to go on the screen.caryii.online

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